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SCLS Sports Carnival 2019丨Sparking Sport Spirit!
Posted 11/02/2019 02:00PM



SCLS sports carnival season was scheduled in October, and there was such a buzz of excitement and enthusiasm on these days.

The PE Department ran a comprehensive program for all year groups from grade 1 to grade 11, including individual races, teamwork projects, grade activities, parent-child games, and teacher races, etc. It is wonderful to see the looks of excitement, anticipation and joy on all the students' faces. Of course, it was a wonderful competition and the students represented their great sportsmanship and competitive spirit.


Primary School Participation and Fun

PE Department introduced a variety of fun activities to appeal to students and gave them the chance to try out novelty programs. Also, parents of first and second graders were invited to join the kids throughout the day and participated in the parent races. All the students tried their very best, giving their all and having fun at the same time.

Sky Yang, the coordinator of SCLS PE Department, said, “We provide every student with the opportunity to participate actively in physical activities. It is a great occasion for the students to show their prowess and stamina. No matter which team wins the game, the focus is that everyone gets together with fun in such a fantastic atmosphere.”


Middle School Participation and Competition

The students from middle school demonstrated their competitive spirit and showed their positive attitude to win the prize for themselves and their class. They were trying their best to rush to the finishing line as soon as they heard the start signal.

Students can learn how to collaborate with others to reach a common goal through their participation. “Our students have definitely gained more confidence and developed important skills like teamwork and communication. They will also make exercise a daily habit.” Wei Xie, the coordinator of Middle School PE Department, said.

At SCLS, we encourage all students to participate in sports activities regardless of ability and ensure that all students have equal access to resources, facilities and opportunities. We firmly believe that our students can learn positive life lessons through sports, which will have a lasting impact on a student’s life.


Article: Yu Yan
Translation: Chen Liang
Photography: G3-5 Photography Elective Class, Wang Rongjiang (guest), Chen Wei, Yang Zhang


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