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Winter Celebration of the Arts!
Posted 12/23/2019 03:00PM



Each Christmas season we are fortunate to enjoy performances and exhibits showcasing our students’ achievements in the arts.

This month, we saw a staging of Imaginary Circumstances, a play performed entirely by Grade 6 students. This play is based on this idea: what would happen if characters in stories came to life?

The actors brought this idea to life in a series of dramatic monologues. We had an extra treat following Imaginary Circumstances when our improv group performed.
These multi-grade students played acting games based on audience suggestions. Though the exact words or situations aren’t rehearsed in advance, great improvisation depends on the skill of the actors who must respond quickly and creatively to the prompts. The audience enjoyed the verbal and visual humor of these performances!

It is delightful to witness the progress of our students in the musical arts of singing and playing instruments. Our orchestras and choirs performed this week to a very full audience of families and friends. The programs in each case comprised a selection of traditional and contemporary pieces, performed with great attention and commitment by our students.

An exhibit of our students’ work in Visual Art was also part of our celebration of the arts. Finished pieces as well as student sketchbooks were on show. The sketchbooks demonstrate the stages of creation, a time-consuming process sometimes difficult for young artists to accept. The finished work, in a range of drawn media, was extraordinary.

Several of our high school students are preparing portfolios for the highly rigorous AP (Advanced Placement) program and we wish them all the best as they send their work for external assessment.

Thank you to all International Division students and parents for their support and commitment to our growing visual and performing arts programs. And warm thanks to the teachers who make this learning possible.
We are very proud of the progress our students have made and of the talent they exhibit!


Article: Dr. Mary Margaret Magee
Photography: Yu Zhaoming Zhang Yang


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