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Pi Day Online | Let's Celebrate Math During the Epidemic
Posted 03/18/2020 01:00PM

What were you doing on March 14?


On that day, there was a special math celebration (Pi Day) in Soong Ching Ling School.

Although, 2020 SCLS Pi Day could not be held on campus due to the recent epidemic, it didn’t affect students’ enthusiasm on Pi and math learning. Instead, they turned it into an online Pi Day which combined both epidemic prevention and math knowledge into various practices and research activities. All teachers and students discovered and enjoyed the beauty of math through Pi Day activity during the special epidemic period.

Domestic Division Primary School

Lower grade students in the Domestic Division Primary School were learning the concept of time, and they drew a clock by themselves and learnt how to watch epidemic related news and follow a daily schedule on time. Students in grades 3 and 4 collected coronavirus related data and made statistical charts to illustrate the development of the ongoing epidemic. Grade 5 students made various interesting 3D shapes with origami paper.



International Division Primary School

Students in the International Division Primary School had various fun online activities for Pi Day. They drew Pi, recited Pi, made posters on Pi, shared books about Pi, learnt the background story of Pi and the history of math. Some students invited parents to recite Pi together with the whole family, some students acted like a little mathematician and used their math knowledge of squares and shapes to calculate the number of virus on their hands which improved their understanding of epidemic prevention and problem-solving skills with math.


Domestic Division Middle School

Students in the Domestic Division Middle School designed badges for Pi Day, utilizing algebra and geometry knowledge that they have learnt from math class, to celebrate Pi day with the artistic beauty of math. Students shared various designs of envelop diagram, geometry tiling and regular polyhedron with their creative imagination via online. They even had an online sudoku competition on March 14 and guess who won this competition?



International Division Middle School & High School

Elder brothers and sisters in high school had already started to prepare math research paper since their winter break began. The topics of their research varies from big data of block chain and information age, to the utilization of math knowledge in psychology and house mortgages, and even the analysis on the strategy of the seven bridges of Königsberg math problem. They have shared conclusions and ideas of their researches with each other via internet during Pi Day activities.


Madam Chen, Vice Principal of SCLS, said passionately: "The tentacles of math have gone through most part of human society, as well as every moment of history and life. At present, with the participation of all the teachers and students in this on-line School Math Festival, we can observe COVID-19 from a mathematical point of view, also it encourages us to make progress in math. Meanwhile, this festival spurs us on to a mathematical way of thinking, observing, analyzing and solving problems. With the help of rational spirit of math, the significance of individual life and the process of human civilization can also be reflected."

Although we have to stay at home during this special period, this little Pi helps all the SCLS teachers and students feel the love, and even put our hearts together. 

We will always remember this special 2020 Pi Day.


Article: Zhang Yu Jia
Translation: Chen Liang
Photography: Courtesy of our math teachers 



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