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Settling in and Moving Forward
Posted 10/11/2019 07:00AM



Greetings Parents and Families:

My name is Jason Palmer, and I am the new principal of the International Division Primary School here at Soong Ching Ling School. This is my 26th year in education, and 15th as an administrator. I have administrative experience in kindergarten to grade 12. This is my sixth year in China.

I am very honored and excited to be joining the SCLS family.

I believe that the students are at the core of everything we do.

I believe in all teachers having a strong understanding of current educational research, so that we can move the school forward and in the right direction.

I believe in using clear data and evidence to make accurate and effective decisions that will help us to improve our teaching and learning practices, thereby helping students to learn more and better.

I believe in working with and helping all teachers learn and grow professionally, so that they can become even better teachers.

These are key areas of focus for us this year.



I chose to join SCLS for a few reasons.

First, the school’s prestigious history is very alluring.

Second, I already knew a few of the teachers at SCLS, and they always spoke so highly of the school, how wonderful the students are, and how supportive the parents are.

The third reason is because I wanted to join an international school where Chinese and western teachers work so closely together.

After only one month at SCLS, it is very clear that I have made the right decision.

The children are indeed wonderful. I try and greet as many as I can each morning and spend time with them at recess and lunch times.

I have already visited all the classrooms and have witnessed high quality teaching and learning. The students truly seem happy and enjoy being at school.

I am very impressed with the teachers here. There is a very high level of care for the children. These are hard-working, caring, and dedicated teachers. Since I have already seen how well the Chinese and western teachers work together, I am fully confident that we will be able to make great strides this year.



The key part of my vision for the school this year will be curriculum development and delivery.

We will be reviewing the curriculum in all our subjects to make sure it is the best it can be. We want to make sure that students are developing their knowledge and skills in every grade so they can be successful when they move onto the next grade.

We also want to make sure that we develop skills between the courses as much as possible so that students recognize when they can transfer knowledge and skills into different subjects and areas.

A very important part of this will be teachers working and learning together for the benefit of all of us here at SCLS.

I am very much looking forward to working with all staff and use my experiences to help the SCLS International Division Primary School move forward.

I want to continue to strengthen the programming and supports that we have here, so that we build on the strengths of our Chinese and western cultures.

I know that we will work very well together, learn from each other, and support each other in order to create the best school and learning environment for our students.

I wish all our students a successful and happy year at SCLS!


Jason Palmer

Photography: Mr. Wang, Chen Wei
Editor: Yu Yan


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