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How to be a Research Scientist!
Posted 04/07/2017 04:00PM


The Middle School recently completed its STEAM unit.  Over a period of many weeks, students delved into Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, exploring relationships between these disciplines and investigating topics of their own choosing. 

All students in the Middle School were involved in this long-term project which culminated in an awards ceremony that recognized achievement in areas such as innovative thinking, teamwork, 3D modeling, and research skills, among other categories. 

The project led students to think in ways they perhaps hadn’t considered before, or even thought were possible.  The project also required students to practice the habits of perseverance, dedication, imagination, curiosity and investigation—all essential habits in our Middle School.

The final STEAM week included a rich variety of experiences for students: presentations by visiting speakers; hands-on challenge activities; assessing and judging peers’ projects; students’ own presentations about their research; and a reflection on the whole unit.

Two 7th graders plan their next move during the Rubik’s Cube assembly

First, drop food coloring into a shallow plate of whole milk. Second, follow-up with a few drops of dishwashing soap. Third, watch the patterns form!

A table ready for the creation of slime: borax, water, water-based glue, and sparkles


Students and their presentations, including one presentation for 5th grade students 

Students engaged in some of the hands-on activities: making mini-kites, bird-feeders out of plastic bottles, and a solar oven from an empty pizza box, foil, and plastic wrap 

The speaker from the international organization Roots and Shoots told us about the ways that students can get involved in helping the environment in China

Happy students at the Awards Ceremony!

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