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Library Week | An Adventure in Reading
Posted 11/09/2017 10:00AM


Wow, what a week it’s been in the Primary School~ International Division. It’s been a week of adventure, silliness, deep thinking, cooperation, role playing, and imagination. It’s been . . . Library Week!

This yearly celebration of reading, writing, and creativity started with a “monster sized” Halloween assembly and a skit involving scary monsters discovering the not-so-spooky library.  This tied in very nicely with the idea that reading isn’t something to be scared of- in fact, at Soong Ching Ling School, reading and writing was celebrated and encouraged this week with many fun classroom and out of school activities.

The students were involved in many events this week including a bookmark designing contest, a short story writing exercise, and a reading contest.  Schoolwide, our goal was to read 3,000 books during Library week.  That seems impossible but we are proud to report that our students not only read 3,000 books but they added even more, which filled up our reading challenge thermometer to the very top.  Winners were announced at last week’s assembly and free books shared the stage with a teacher led Jello eating contest.

The week was very focused on the power of the written word, regardless of grade level. Students talked with teachers about their favorite books, favorite writers, and favorite genres.  They spent their spare time in class reading (especially during the school wide reading events) to help us reach our goal.  This week of reading and writing was capped off by a visit from Mr. Curtis Jobling, a children’s story writer, illustrator, and children’s TV producer.  He gave the students lessons in drawing and how to write compelling stories.

No matter what grade your child is in, Soong Ching Ling School helps them reach their goals.  Last week we watched the students take their reading skills to a whole new level, and we are very proud of what they were able to accomplish.   Thank you very much to the teachers, staff, and students that made this week possible. Until next time . . . keep on reading!

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