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Find Your Passion
Posted 11/22/2017 11:00AM


An after-school activities program was introduced in the Middle and High School this semester.  This program gives students choices among many after-school options.  At 3:15 pm, Monday-Thursday, students can enjoy sports like ultimate frisbee, soccer, or volleyball.  If students love the arts, they can go to the open art studio, Chinese calligraphy, or dance.  Many other options include a student newspaper, debate, drama, and Model United Nations.  In all, we are offering more than 30 choices this semester.

Also called ECA’s (extra-curricular activities), students and teachers can interact in another kind of environment, different from the routines of the academic day.  Teachers have a chance to offer courses that may be hobbies or significant passions for them, and to pass on their enthusiasm to students. 

The great benefit of this program is that students can try new things.  We encourage them not to choose options they know well already, but to branch out.  If they play tennis outside of school, try the running ECA instead.  If they enjoy films, but don’t know much about character development, they can choose the ECA focused on psychological effects in movies.   Any one of these experiences may trigger a new interest, or may prompt a new talent to emerge. 

Our mission as a school is to help develop the whole child: mind, body, heart.  We also aim to give students multiple pathways to achievement.  An ECA may very well provide the spark that leads to a career or lifelong interest.  There is never just one way to be successful.  Our ECA program give students clues about how many paths there are.


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