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The 7th International Arts Festival
Posted 05/21/2017 08:00AM


On May 19th, 2017, the 7th International Art Festival of Soong Ching Ling School was held at the Shanghai Grand Theatre. More than 670 students from 20 countries and areas joined this multicultural performance.

During the Art Festival, the students performed in a variety of traditions. Folk music, Kun Opera, Suzhou Ping Tan, Yueju Opera and Chinese folk dance showed traditional Chinese culture while Hawaii Haka and street dance displayed rich world culture. By being rooted in Chinese traditional culture, students are more able to function authentically as global citizens.

In addition to the inheritance of Chinese culture, one innovation in the Art Festival this year is that the students presented a stage play “An Unforgettable Birthday Party”.  Grade 1 to 5 students from 15 classes performed in this 52-minute play. They learned about love, giving and receiving through their performance.

Confucius said that to love others, one should start by loving his or her family. Children who grow up with love will be kind to the world and appreciate what their predecessors contributed. They will devote themselves to creating a better future with generosity and integrity, which is also the theme of the SCLS Art Festival, “Benevolence · Everlasting ”.

The importance of the Art Festival is that all students participate and that all students are respected.

When we appreciate every student’s hard work and respect their differences, their potential is inspired which leads to the miracle.

In this lovely season of early summer when every living thing is full of energy, the students of SCLS embrace their vivid lives and happiness. We wish that all our little saplings become big trees and gather in the forest!

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