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A Holiday Concert
Posted 12/21/2017 03:35PM


Bright lights, big smiles, and cheerful songs were in the air on Friday as Primary School held its annual holiday performance.  The campus was decorated for the season, just like the students, and everyone was able to share in the holiday cheer.

The performance, titled Journey Through The Sky, followed the adventures of a group of children who had to travel from the North Pole to Shanghai in time for Christmas.  Along the way they learned valuable lessons about friendship, charity, and believing in themselves.  They also learned some wonderful dance moves as the grade levels entertained us with singing and dancing along to songs that each represent an important part of the holiday message.  From Christmas classics to modern day holiday songs, our students strutted their stuff and showed why we have some of the best dancers around.  They did a great job and their teachers are very proud of them.

The event was planned out and directed by Mr. Chun, our wonderful music teacher, and came together due to the hard work of the many teachers and students who helped make the night possible.  We also were lucky enough to have had many volunteers from the upper school who helped with makeup, watching students, getting supplies, and helping parents to their seats.

Nights like this are only possible with the dedication of the whole community so it’s a great privilege to watch it all come together for one special night.  Our community is strong, friendly, and positive.  They have also earned a well deserved break.  So, without further ado . . . Happy Holidays!



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