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Welcome Back To School
Posted 02/26/2018 10:00AM


We happily welcome our students back to the school after the winter vacation. It is always a happy, warm and delightful thing to have our students in school.

Every student should take a “Welcome Candy” with our best wishes at the beginning of the semester.

We reviewed last semester, and have looked forward to the coming semester, in the “Back to School Ceremony” of Primary, Middle and High School.

All teachers and students in the Primary Domestic Division have watched 11 short videos on “Development Courses of Solar Terms” together. These videos were produced by our students. Students reviewed their Chinese tea lessons, ceramics lessons and drama lessons, etc. in a happy atmosphere. Teachers awarded the students, who made great improvement last semester, to encourage them.

The principal of the International Division (Primary School), Mr. Lippart, and the teachers awarded the “Principal Pride Award” to the students during the Assembly. “P-R-I-D-E” means positive, respectful, involved, determined and excellent. This is the first gift from the teachers to the students.   

In the Domestic Division of Middle School, students shared their holiday adventures and their impressive volunteer experiences with their classmates. Our vice principal, Madam Chen, and the teachers encouraged the students: Diligence and determination are the main factors in study. You will achieve your goals when you have a positive attitude. This is similar to the “PRIDE” inspiration, the focus if the International Division of our Primary School.

“New Semester, New thinking” is the first lesson of the Middle and High School International Division. Teacher and students watched a video in assembly about how to meet successfully difficult challenges. Dr. Magee, the principal of the International Division (Middle and High School), encouraged to set goals for the new semester. Do not be afraid when you are facing to a challenge. Try harder, your brain can be smarter every day.

Embrace the new start and accept the challenges. Let’s explore, change and create in the new semester! 


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