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Happy π Day
Posted 03/16/2018 01:51PM


March 14th is International π Day, as well as International Mathematics Festival. In order to celebrate the mathematical constant π, Song Ching Ling School teachers and students develop various kinds of wonderful mathematical activities in the week of π. Everyone's "mathematical enthusiasm" reaches the highest point in π day. Thousands of teachers and students from more than 20 countries and regions explore the beauty of mathematics in the "Soong Ching Ling School π Day and Math Week".

From the understanding of π, by participating in various kinds of hands-on and minds-on math’s games, the students feel the charm of mathematics in the joy of exploration and challenges during the time, and experience the beauty of mathematics. As a result, the interest in mathematics is stimulated. Simultaneously, in order to encourage students to participate actively, the teachers also design a series of badges and bookmarks, whose theme is π. These beautiful  prizes will be enjoyed by students .

Students in primary school (Domestic Division) learn a variety of Chinese mathematical traditional games under the guidance of the teachers. They can also feel rich imagination and infinite wisdom of ancient Chinese. Senior students show their proficiency in mathematical and research results through the "24-point Challenge" and "mathematical micro-report".


Students from international Division of Primary Schools convey a fascinating connection between mathematics and design, mathematics and art, and computing and art through a series of activities such as graphics, tangram, and the production of geometric clips. The senior students ' activities are more challenging. In the sophisticated and interesting mathematical games such as "Password Club" and the "magic π Mansion", students explore the relationship between mathematics and cryptography, mathematics and geometric construction.

Students in Domestic Division of Middle School carried out Sudoku challenge, intellectual loop, 30 points, math riddles and match stick games. On site, the students are eager to think, in the process of playing mathematics, enjoy mathematics, creative mathematics. Meanwhile, the students carry out a wonderful micro-report about the mathematics subject that they show interest in, which indicates their independent research ability, mathematical application ability and scientific spirit. In π Day, many students become the "math talents"!

In π day, how can you ignore the challenge of reciting π numbers? Look, students form International Division of Middle and High School are challenging each other to get "King π " and "Queen π " honorary title. In addition, decorating π cookies and "bowls & creots" activities let students show their cooking talent. And the biggest surprise is the students holding figures per their own design, and forming a huge spiral pattern in the Order of π, at this time the activity reached the climax.

Mathematics has a long history and culture, and π day creates an opportunity for students and teachers to search for the fun and mysteries. In a week of rich and colorful mathematical activities, the students have not only acquired the knowledge of mathematics, but also understand the mathematical culture, not only a taste of the color of mathematics, but also experienced the practical application of mathematics, and appreciate math, love math!

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