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Punahou Students Visit Soong Ching Ling School
Posted 04/17/2018 01:00PM


On these beautiful spring days, our old friends – students from Punahou School in Hawaii, USA visited Soong Ching Ling School. During the week-long exchange, SCLS students and Punahou students learnt,played and lived together. Punahou students were immersed in Chinese traditional culture, witnessed the development of China and cultivated friendships. 

The Punahou students were interested in traditional Chinese culture classes. Experiencing different cultures is one of the benefits of travel.

In classes focused on a “Taste of Art”, the students used brushes to draw on the Xuan paper. Most of them were trying brush painting for first time. 

In the Chinese traditional game classes, the Punahou students tried Shanghainese alley games, for example: rolling the hoop and jumping over the rubber band. Playing games is always a good way for children to communicate with each other and build relationships.

To understand Chinese traditional culture, it is also necessary to practice Wushu (Chinese Kungfu). Chinese Wushu can help students find body balance and control their muscles. The students practiced seriously. At the beginning, their legs did not go straight, but they eventually succeeded. 

”I love China, its traditional art and traditional furniture. When I grow up, I would like to live in China and Shanghai will be my first stop." Ryden Iwamoto, Punahou student

When I walked onto the campus of Soong Ching Ling School, I marveled at the students here and the traditional Chinese culture of natural closeness. I am unable to feel this in Hawaii. I was impressed by the posters about Chinese history day." Emma Ruby, Punahou student

If friendship is the song of life, then sincerity is the lyric of the song, trust is the music, understanding and respect are the main melody of the friendship.

Home stays are the most anticipated part of the exchange between the two groups of students. During the visit, the students from Punahou School stayed with families of SCLS students. The Punahou students experienced the local culture of Chinese life deeply in this way.

New friends shared food, even when they just got to know each other. A joke or a glance will be their tacit understanding. The students took lots of photos with their friends from Punahou School. We believe that the pictures will always help the students remember the friendship and every moment with their special friends. The friendship between Soong Ching Ling School and Punahou School will continue for years to come. Goodbye, friends!


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