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The Sound of Science
Posted 04/18/2018 03:00PM

Do you hear it?

What’s that sound? 

The loud bangs, followed by “ooohs” and “aaahhhhs” and scattered laughter?

It is certainly loud.

Well, it’s the sounds of Science, ladies and gentlemen!  And it’s a sound that has been heard in the SCLS Primary School International Division all month long as we delved into the world of experiments, hypothesis, and the unending quest for knowledge.  That’s right, it’s the sound of Science Fair!

It started a few weeks ago with a visit from the Mad Scientists of Shanghai.  They stayed for an entire day and wowed our students with examples of science in action.  There were lots of smoke, laughs, and interesting chemicals.  This was a great way to start our Science Month and get kiddos thinking about their science fair projects.

And think they did- our students spent the next three weeks not only building their experiments and gathering data, but learning some important life lessons: how to prepare, how to plan, how to work with a group/partner, how to ask questions, how to answer questions, and how to successfully present the results of your experiment.  Our students did a wonderful job, impressing both the guest judges and the parents with their work ethic and eye for detail.  We had many wonderful experiments and many interesting questions were asked and answered, like “which type of Mentos will cause more foam in Coke?” or “What type of sand will heat up faster in the sun?”

To answer questions like these, the students had to perform experiments, do research, and record their results.  In these tasks they were expertly guided by their teachers.  In the end, not only were the students rewarded for their hard work by finding the answers some of these vexing questions, a few lucky students were also given prizes to commemorate their strong efforts.

It is times like these that really show the value of the SCLS learning community- everyone working together, everyone supporting each other, and everyone having a good time doing so!  Thank you to the teachers, parents, and students at SCLS for making our science month such a great time, and we look forward to doing it all over again next year!


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