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Philippine Week of Soong Ching Ling School
Posted 04/29/2018 11:00AM


The opening ceremony of “Philippine Week of Soong Ching Ling School” jointly organized by Soong Ching Ling School and Philippine Consulate General in Shanghai was held in SCLS theatre on 16th April.

During the entire week, teachers and students learnt history, culture and custom of Philippines through various activities. Guests from Philippines General Consulate in Shanghai are also impressed with the curiosity and enthusiasm of SCLS students.

Consul general of the Philippines in Shanghai Mr. Cuyugan gave the opening speech, said “My country is a beautiful country. Philippines began to trade with China from centuries ago and is deeply influenced by Chinese culture and tradition.”

Both Consul General Mr. Cuyugan and Principal Mme. Feng mentioned the story of the Chinese Stones. Several centuries ago, big amount of trade business happened between China and the Philippines, Chinese merchant ships carried silk, tea leaves, ceramics products to trade local goods back from the Philippines. For against the winds, the merchant ships will always tie some huge stones at the bottom of the ships to keep stable, while on their returning journey, they left these stones in the Philippines. Local people would naturally call them “the Chinese Stones”. These Chinese Stones are witness of the long-history of the exchange and friendship between these two countries.

Tourist attaché of Philippine Consulate in Shanghai Mr. Reyes gave SCLS students a brief geography introduction of Philippines. If you want to know how many islands in Philippines? How the name of Philippines comes? Or how many colors does Philippine national flags has? Come and ask SCLS students now.

Philippine artists brought us a wonderful show of local dance and singing with either strong breath of everyday life, or an impression of dignity and mystery, or a touch of grace and gorgeous. Through the show, students not only feel the beauty of art, but also learnt the Philippine farming tradition, tribe history and the blend of both local and foreign culture as well as the passionate and optimistic spirit of Philippine people.

After the show, students learnt traditional Philippine folk dance such as Bamboo Dance, Bird Dance and Duck Dance which also gives students a better understanding of Philippine culture. 

Food is not only the basic element of everyday life but also a simple reflection of culture deposit of a country. During this week, school cafeteria also held a Philippine Food Day. You can tell that how much students like it from their big smiling faces.

Through Philippine Week of SCLS, students got a closer look of Philippines, a country of thousand islands, a country where east meets west, a country with beautiful white sand beaches and great people.

Consul general of the Philippines in Shanghai Mr. Cuyugan says, Kids are the future of the world, when they grow up, they will still remember this Philippine Week activity. 

Principal Mme. Feng said, SCLS is working together with different Consulate Generals in Shanghai to hold various cultural activities that aim to bring our children a broader global vision, more acceptance of world diversity and a responsibility for the community of the shared future for mankind.

Hope this sharing opportunity will plant a seed of friendship, of peace, and of love for everyone.


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