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MS and HS Students in the Great Outdoors!
Posted 05/09/2018 11:00AM


All Middle School and High School students participated in our recent overnight field trips.  Students and teachers enjoyed being together in an outdoor environment and participating in the excitement and growth of supervised risk-taking and challenge.

We took our students to four destinations this year: three in Zhejiang province and one in Yunnan.  Students engaged in a variety of outdoor pursuits: hiking, kayaking, and bicycling, as well as many other challenge activities.  

The 9th grade trip to Yunnan also included significant learning about the local Naxi culture and the opportunity to practice local crafts. A highlight of the grade 7 and 8 trips was the chance to sleep overnight in a tent under the stars and to cook food over a campfire.

Our students learned from our guides how to be responsible and environmentally aware in nature; how to “leave no trace” and pick up all their rubbish as well as to hike and camp carefully so as not to damage plants and trails.  Some students learned how to ride a bike or steer a kayak for the first time ever; others discovered that there are insects in nature or that it was OK if their shoes or clothes got dirty!

We were so proud of our students’ cheerful willingness to try everything asked of them and to work happily together in teams.  Our trips program will continue to grow as we offer students new ways of learning beyond the SCLS campus.  This kind of experiential education helps develop the well-rounded international student our school mission aims to produce.

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