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Learn and Grow: Grade 8 Graduation
Posted 07/04/2018 03:00PM

Our graduation celebrates the achievement of the grade 8 students but includes also contributions from other members of our community.  We require all Middle School and High School students to attend so that they can all be part of the ceremony.  A group of grade 7 students provided all the commentary as the ceremony proceeded, and several Grade 6 students performed on the piano and on the traditional guzheng.  Teacher voices were heard this time through the remarks of Ms. Kate Palleschi, one of the beloved grade 8 homeroom teachers, and the parent perspective came from Jin Qi, father Joy Jin. 

Jin Qi expressed his appreciation of all that our teachers do to support 8th graders. He said that parents notice the great changes in appearance, personality, and cognition in their children, and that the students continue to change each passing day; “not only is your height growing, your knowledge is growing. Your vision and your mind are also growing. We are sincerely happy for your growth!” Jin Qi thanked the teachers for all they do to nurture promote this development. 

Our student speaker, Wendy Yang, described how quickly time has flown since 6th grade and how many memories she and her classmates have collected together.  

Dr. Magee held up the example of the famous American, Eleanor Roosevelt, who was born into privilege and decided to use her privilege as a way of supporting less fortunate groups in the US and abroad.  

Madame Feng spoke about the example of Soong Ching Ling herself, the great “mother” of our students and the example that she sets for engagement in the world. 

Our ceremony included the gift of song from the graduates as well as their very loving class videos.  Congratulations to our 8th graders and welcome to high school! 

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