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First Grade Admission Ceremony
Posted 09/04/2018 11:18AM

On August 24th, 2018, led by the teachers and witnessed by the parents, the newest members of our Soong Ching Ling School family, the first graders took part in the incredible admission ceremony.

Before the beginning of the admission ceremony, all the children went into the classroom and met new classmates and teachers. In the beginning they were shy and nervous, but they gradually became involved in the welcoming activities with joy in such a warm and friendly environment.

At 10:00 a.m., the children lined up and walked into the school stadium. They won applause from their parents when they showed up holding hands with confidence.

The children experienced the activity with great sense of ceremony—“Knocking at the door of schooling”. When the children knocked at the door, the director of primary school domestic division, on behalf of all the teachers and students of SCLC, asked, “Who is knocking?”. With great joy, all the children there answered, “We are the 1st graders of SCLS, we are here for schooling!”

Being a first grader means stepping onto the road of schooling. As teachers, we do hope that the children can enter SCLS with divine missions. 

The children saluted teachers with formal bows and said, “Good morning, teachers.” And the teachers bowed in return. From now on, the children can realize their dreams with the company and encouragement of the teachers.

On behalf of SCLS, Madam Feng, together with Mr. Lippart, principal of primary school, international division, sent the first graders best wishes. As Mr. Lippart said, “Dear children, you are so lucky, you have the best teachers.”

The student representative, Wang Jiayu also showed great welcome. She said, “ A lot of interesting things in our school are waiting for you to explore, such as the optional courses, sports meeting, the Art Festival and so on.”

Finally comes the most exciting moment, guided by Teacher Xu Mengyi, all the students completed the “I swear” ceremony. 

Though it seems simple, it’s an important step in a child’s life to enter from kindergarten to primary school. It means that the child will start a new phase of independence and exploration. The admission ceremony is an easy, grand and warm one, it aims to make the children feel the changes which will happen this year and be proud of themselves.

May all the first graders have a healthy, safe and happy school year!








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