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SCLS Celebrated the Birthday of the People's Republic of China
Posted 10/08/2018 11:06AM


On September 30th, more than 1,300 students and teachers from 30 different countries and regions of Soong Ching Ling School celebrated the 69th birthday of the People’s Republic of China and welcomed the China International Import Expo. We assembled to express the sincerest blessing to China.

Mrs. Pan Yan, member of the leading Party group and vice general secretary of China Welfare Institute, joined the celebration with SCLS students and teachers.

The celebration started with the beautiful song of Let Us Row the Oars. Students and teachers gathered on the playground wearing the customized T-shirts with the letters I love China.

Students from different grades performed classic and patriotic songs in various forms. They sang and danced passionately, waving the Chinese five-star red flags in their hands.

SCLS campus is full of the great Chinese red. The brilliant smiling faces are the love-filled gifts to our beloved country China and the world.

Madame Song Ching Ling is a great ambassador of world peace. As teachers and students of Song Ching Ling School, we feel the profound message of one Earth, one World. We strongly believe that human society is an interdependent community.

Despite the different nations, languages and cultures, teachers and students from more than 30 countries and regions feel flourish of life through the flash mob activity. They exchange the nicest smiles and grow the seed of LOVE. This is the magnificent value the annual celebration activity at SCLS.


Children’s Voices

  • 我觉得快闪很有意思,这么多的人一起在操场上唱歌。——桐桐(二年级)

  • 我最喜欢《让我们荡起双桨》,我爸爸妈妈也会唱,但我唱得比他们优美。


  • 少年强则国强,少年智则国智。所以我们年级唱的是《男儿当自强》。——慧蕙(五年级)

  • China is a fascinating country with Disneyland and the Summer Palace. I love Denmark, I also love China.——Nanna (Grade 2)

  • I think China is a great country with strong national spirit.——Kevin (Grade 4)

  • China is a country with very long history, much longer than any other country in the world. ——Yueyue(Grade 4)


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