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Middle and High School Field Trips!
Posted 10/24/2018 03:00PM

We enjoyed our annual field trips in the Middle and High School with two very different kinds of experiences:  Middle School students traveled to Tian Ping Scenic Area in Suzhou while the High School students explored historic Shanghai in a tour of the Shanghai History Museum.  In addition to the museum, HS students played games and took photographs that focused their creativity, groupwork and thinking skills.

Tian Ping Hill presented Middle Schoolers and their teachers with a climbing challenge. Not everyone made it to the top of the hill, but all made a great effort.  The steep rocky stairs and boulders all the way up made our bodies and minds work hard. After our hard work climbing, we sat together at lunchtime to enjoy each other’s company. This was a lovely day spent outdoors in nature, facing physical challenges and taking in the autumn colors.

As well as visiting the Shanghai History Museum, our grade 9 and 10 students learned about the history of People’s Square (the square and People’s Park were once a racetrack), silently staged a dramatic scene, answered riddles and questions, and played bean bag bocce.  Another activity was to photograph themselves wearing Charlie Chaplin and panda masks in such a way that others on the street don’t notice!
Our Field Trips are one of the highlights of first semester each year.  A big thank you to our teachers for all their planning of these memorable experiences for our students!



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