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Our First 100 Days
Posted 03/12/2019 09:07AM


Last week marked the first 100 days of school at SCLS Primary School International Division.  To celebrate, the students and teachers put on quite a show.  We started the day with some fun activities for the students, all based on the 100 Days theme.  We had 100 meter races, costume contests, prizes, and sing-alongs celebrating the successes we have had during these 100 days, and looking ahead to an even better future.

The students also used their classroom time to both reflect on all the great accomplishments but also to plan ahead.  Students were asked to picture themselves 100 days from now, 100 months from now, and even 100 years from now.  Where would they be?  What would they be doing?  What hopes and dreams did they have for the future selves?

We also had students making 100 lists- for example, 100 ideas to help save the planet, 100 movie ideas, 100 acts of kindness . . . all of these activities were thoughtfully designed to encourage students to think about the their place in the world, and how their action could help make the next 100 years a positive, trans formative time for both them and for the global community.

It is events like these that show the strengths of the SCLS International Division - progressive, positive activities, which encourage students to reflect on themselves and their impact on the world around them.  

Here's to a great 100 days!  I can't wait to see what happens for the next 100!





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