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Happy Pi Day! A Celebration of Mathematics at SCLS
Posted 03/18/2019 11:06AM


The 14th of March is International Pi Day (3/14). There were various Pi elements on the campus of Soong Ching Ling School this year, such as "Pi in geometric forms", "Pi in drawings" and "Pi-shaped designs" made by pressing flowers onto cloth. Thousands of students from almost 30 countries and regions all wore π badges and were busy preparing for the special math festival organized by the school. 

"Happy Pi Day" has been an annual event at SCLS since 2017. Every year on this day, all teachers and students celebrate math in the name of Pi.

Pi Day:A Cultural Math Journey

Xiaoqin Wang, Professor of Mathematics and Doctoral Advisor at ECNU, Deputy Dean of ECNU Education Department, was invited to give a lecture to SCLS students under the theme of Successful Life with Math – an Inspiration of Math History. Through several stories of how mathematicians overcame difficulties and became successul in math, Professor Wang encouraged students to work hard, find their own interests and pursue a successful life. 

After the lecture, SCLS students and ECNU Drama Club members jointly performed the math drama Geometric Life of Shiing-Shen Chern (Excerpt). 

Pi Day:a Fun Math Journey

Domestic Division Primary School (DDPS)

The DDPS celebrated Pi Day with three math-themed games including "Can You Memorize Pi", " the 24-point Math Poker Card", and "Play with Magic Pi",  all of which became very popular math challenges among students.



International Division Primary School(IDPS)

The IDPS designed various Pi Day activities to introduce the relationship between math and art, science, design, cryptography and geometry. They helped students learn math, play with math, enjoy math, create math and finally fall in love with math. 



Pi Day:a Fascinating Math Journey

Domestic Division Middle School(DDMS)

The DDMS  not only prepared traditional math games such as Sudoku challenges and a 30-point math game for Pi Day, but also encouraged students to write math academic papers and present them in a forum.


International Division Middle School and High School(IDMS/HS)

The IDMS/HS introduced a Math League contest, the CEMC math contest and of course popular Pi memorizing game. Those who won the game were crowned  Pi King and Pi Queen of the Math Realm. Groups of students gathered in the playground and made the shape of π.


Domestic Division High School(DDHS)

The DDHS held a math fair on Pi Day where students drew cartoon figures of  great mathematicians in history, did research on the golden ratio 0.618 in photography, and made posters for the Fibonacci sequence and geometric sequence. They even had a workshop to share their math learning experience with each other.

At Soong Ching Ling School, you can do almost everything with math, from traditional Chinese culture to art, photography, history, performance, and even sports.

Just as SCLS chief vice-principal Shuangshuang Chen said, “Learning math is not only about doing math exercises repeatly. Teaching math isn’t equal to teaching students to do well in the written exams.Through more and more math activities, SCLS is striving to create a math culture to help students see the world through the eyes of math, think about the world in a mathematical way and describe the world with the language of math..” 


















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