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Open Discussion between the Yale & SCLS High School Students
Posted 03/26/2019 02:25PM


On March 7th, Yale University's Whiffenpoofs, the world renowned and critically acclaimed college a cappella group from the U.S., came to SCLS.

The Whiffs shared their insights on their growth path as well as gave constructive suggestions on college counselling and future planning through an intimate discussion with our high school students. Apart from that, the Whiffs presented a captivating performance for all the students and faculty at SCLS.

Every year, 14 senior Yale students are selected to be in the Whiffenpoofs, THE WORLD’S OLDEST AND BEST-KNOWN COLLEGIATE A CAPPELLA GROUP. Founded in 1909, the group has become one of Yale’s most celebrated traditions, with over a century of musical excellence.

The Whiffenpoofs have toured over twenty countries almost every year for the last several years.

What kind of questions did high school students prepare to ask when they had a face-to-face workshop with Yale's "high achievers"? Our high school students did prepare a lot and could not wait to consult the seniors from Yale University.

How do you achieve financial independence during college?

Why did you choose Yale university?

What are the differences between Yale and other universities?

What was your plan when you chose your major?

What has been the biggest struggle in your life so far?

How did you find your passion?

How do you manage to balance between academics and leisure time?

Why did you choose to join the Whiffenpoofs?

How do you overcome anxiety before performance?

Members of the Whiffenpoofs come from different majors at Yale, such as Astrophysics, Economics, East Asian Studies, Applied Physics, etc. They shared not only their insights on their growth path but also valuable information about the cultivation mode of undergraduates and residential college life at Yale.

Plus, they shared constructive advice on how to improve learning efficiency, take responsibility and stay out of the comfort zone. They guided students to realize that college life requires hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

They also said that they perform charity concerts and raise funds for people that need help during their world tour. They are willing to do something meaningful and positive to the society and change the direction of this world for the better through their music and passion.

Our students benefited greatly from the intimate discussion and had lunch with the Whiffs together afterwards. Not only our students but also the Whiffs have gained a deeper understanding of their multicultural backgrounds and become lifetime friends.

And what an awesome concert it was! Maintaining a broad repertoire of exclusively original arrangements from many styles and eras, the Whiffs routinely supplemented their traditional barbershop and choral foundation with jazz standards, pop songs and comedy routines. One of the highlights for SCLS was without a doubt their encore of the Chinese song ” Tong Hua”, motivating the audience to sing along. The audience couldn’t get enough and was entranced by the group's harmonies, choreography and wit.

After their great performance, the Whiffenpoofs conducted an intimate workshop for school choir members, sharing vocal techniques and other singing group strategies as well as answering questions in a cordial and lively atmosphere. The Whiffs were impressed by our students’ fluent English and swift thinking as well as their open minds and cheerful personalities. 

The Whiffenpoofs made lifelong fans out of SCLS with their stunning performances! They also brought us inspirational life lessons on friendship, faith and what matters most, which is more than just music. Through this meaningful program, we fully realized that music is a universal language, transcending cultural boundaries and boosting harmony.


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