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Visit of Author Marcus Alexander
Posted 04/24/2019 10:00AM

Marcus Alexander, British author of fantasy adventure series Keeper of the Realms, captivated students with his energy and enthusiasm in a recent visit to our school.

Students sometimes think authors are boring. Mr. Alexander shattered that stereotype by sharing his videos of scuba-diving to shipwrecks in the Aegean, snowboarding in the Alps, and also demonstrating some live acrobatics!

What does all this adventure have to do with writing? As a child, Mr. Alexander devoured stories. He credits reading for his desire to seek out adventure and travel in his own life. In his words, “Books are the only must!” His message to students is to go out and build their own imaginations. “Don’t just wait at home, hoping that inspiration will come to you. Instead, go out and chase it! If you’re afraid, face your fear and slowly conquer it.”

Mr. Alexander explained how writing through his own experience adds realism to his books. “How can a fantasy author write realistically?”, students wondered. Every experience builds creativity and imagination, but one that he draws on frequently is the feeling of being transported to another-world when scuba diving with creatures like octopuses and eels.

Author visits provide an unparalleled opportunity to get our students reading, writing, and understanding the creative process. Mr. Alexander showed students that even for an author a first draft is never a final draft. They learned that a good author is also a reader. Perhaps most importantly, they learned that they can use their own experiences to ignite their creativity.



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